I never showed yall my gun bellybutton ring! It wasnt the one I had been lusting over, but I love it even more because its super dangly and has a skull on it too :] I wish my webcam was clearer so yall could really see it!

Im really bored. Its one in the morning and Im up watching the nutty professor, switching back and forth between blogger, facebook, twitter, andddd formspring. Social networking my ass off!

So Ive been thinking. I need to throw a going away party. I mean I am moving 12 hours away from civilization as I currently know it. Im not sure if I should have like a cookout type of thing or like a parrrtayyy. I guess Ill decide that closer to august. But august will be here before I know it, so I figured Id start thinking about it now.

Plans for tomorrow: Buy a scrapbook, pay my fees, head to vandy to finally take my ID pic, movies in the park! Oh yeah, and maybe apply for a job at hooters. Am I crazy for that? Hah!

But seriously I was thinking about going to bartending school. I think you can go when your 18? Maybe Im tripping. But thats good, quick money. Ive always wanted to be a bartender, until crybaby shut it down when we were together. But now Im thinking about it again. I was also watching some show about stripping or exotic dancing or whatever. &&I thought to myself, if worst came to worst, I think Id strip to make money. Seriously. I mean my situation would have to be reallllly bad, but Id do it! Im crazy.

I applied for jobs at mickey dees and burger king today. Which is proof at how desperate I am. I doubt I get a job at either place, but its worth a try!

Im cute, I know.

Ok, Im done rambling for the night. Guess Ill try to get some sleep!


  1. I honestly, totally agree with you. Like no joke. Bartending would be the shit! And I can't wait to turn 18 to take pole dancing lessons! You lose madd weight!

  2. ^^ You see how she squeezed "... You lose madd weight" to make herself not seem so... I don't know.

    I think you'd do well at Hooters... You have the boobs for it. =X And seeing as to how you've been dancing most of your life, stripping would probably be natural for you... I don't know. Let's just call it exotic dancing.


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