something that freaks me out.

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So what freaks me out? The two things that come to mind off top-ladybugs and fireflies. I bet you over there thinking, what the eff? But let me explain.

Okay first off the ladybugs. I used to loveee ladybugs. Shit, bugs in general at that! I was a tomboy back in the day, never would guess that now would ya? Anyways, I used to catch those bad boys like it wasnt nothing. Never bothered me at all...until one year at girlscout camp. Now I was a member of a veryyy active girl scout troop and we went camping atleast twice a year. So this particular year, Tennessee had a...I guess you could call plague...of ladybugs. Like they had supa reproduced that year for some reason I dont remember. But anyways we were going to the barn to slide down the infamous slide inside. We're going up the stairs, and allllll I see in every nook and cranny and corner are PILES of dead, browning, crunchy-ass ladybugs. Just sitting there. IN EVERY CORNER. In the rafters, in the windowsill. I about died. &&When I got home, they were in the house too! PRIMARILY IN MY ROOM! &&Every spring to this very day, they invade my freaking room. One day I counted 20 of them muhfuckas in my window and on my ceiling. Then they die and be lying all on my bed and floor. Pissin me off. I HATE THEM. They nasty. I just vacummed up atleast 20 from my windowsill yesterday, no bullshit. UGH.

Now the fireflies. Same deal, used to catch them as a kid. I mean, who isnt fascinated by them?! Anyways one evening Im outside with my family, and its starting to get dark, so the fireflies start coming out. So Im all excited tryna catch them with my sister. So here comes one firefly and Im like, ohhh Im about to get this one. All of a sudden it hovers right infront of my face for a good 5 seconds, and the next thing I know, THE BITCH IS UP MY NOSE. Not on my nose, Im talking about in my nostril. I freaked the hell out. I ran so fast toward the house that I tripped on my own foot and bust my knee open. Im not breathing this entire time. All I can really do is yell. So Im yelling "BUG IN MY NOSE!" and running and everybody running after me. I get to the bathroom and Im so distraught that I cant even blow my damn nose correctly. So after about a minutes worth of trying, I blow it out of my nose, still whole, minus a few legs and wing remnants. Then I cry my little eyes out. Talk about traumatizing. Seriously. So now when I see them I just kinda stray away.

My life is rediculous. But I swear to you its all true.


  1. Lol, hahaha... you're hilarious. great stories :)

  2. Omgoodness, lol. The firefly story is so funny... I LOVE fireflies. After my graduation, Leah, my boyfriend, his brother, one of my best friends, and I went out to eat at Leah's fave Chinese place... As we were leaving, I was chasing after fireflies. They looked at me like I was a mental child. As far as the ladybugs go, omg... They be all up in my mama's bathroom. My sister doesn't like them either. I have a friend, Alyssa,who LOOOVEEESS them thangs though.


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