14 days.

I was gonna do a vlog for this particular post, but I know I would get emotional and cry, &&that wouldnt be cute. Hah!

"We were just eating in a restaurant and 'be without you' came on and I thought of yu ;-)"

This is a text I got last night from my baby DG. He never fails to get me all teary eyed. The background story about this is that me and daniel went together for a good 7 or 8 months in 8th grade, &&this was our song :]. Its funny because everytime I hear it, I think of him, but I didnt know it had the same effect on him. &&That made me feel sooo good.

I say that to say that I really hope my friends dont forget about me. Thats my biggest fear. I just hope that we all have had enough good memories together to the point where going somewhere or seeing something or hearing something reminds them of me. Im not saying you have to call me or even text me every single day, because its obvious all of us are going to be busy, just every now and then will suffice. I mean its a harsh reality, but I know that Im going to lose some of my friends...I can almost name the ones Im pretty positive about losing, I can feel it already...but I just hope that the ones I really want to stick around do.

2 weeks.

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