alex wong.

So Im slick depressed right now. As yall should know Im an avid sytycd fan. I watch it and tivo it every single week. Its one of the only things I look forward to these days actually. Anyways, Ive been rooting for Alex, simply because he is AMAZING &&super versatile and...amazing. &&Loveable. But sadly before yesterdays show it was announced that he had injured his achilles tendon and wouldnt be able to perform :[ But they said it was possible that he'd be back next week. But today they announced that after the operation he has to have on tuesday, he's gonna need to rest for up to 3 months, so they sent him home. I was on the verge of tears. I cant imagine his pain. Its evident that his passion is dance, &&he already had to give up so much just to even be on the show this year..a freaking contract with one of the highest esteemed ballet companies in america! My heart goes out to him. Im going to miss him so much. I hope he comes back next year. He can win this...he was going to.

Anyways, last week on the show, alex performed a hip hop routine with all-star twitch to outta your mind...it has been said to be the BEST hiphop ever in sytycd history. I cant find a youtube vid that isnt copyrighted, but CLICK THIS LINK so go see a vid of this amazing routine. A ballet dancer that can hiphop that well is unrealll.

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