day 17;;favorite musical/play.

AH! Haha, just seeing what todays little post was supposed to be about got me hella excited. Okay, so I dunno if Ive mentioned it before on my blog, Im sure I have, but I am OBSESSED with lion king on broadway. Like OBSESSED. I could watch it everyday of my life. Its my dream job to be in that ensemble. Yall just dont understand!!!

The first time I went to go see it was during one of its off-broadway tours to memphis. Me and the fam took a one day trip down there to see it. This was probably 7th grade. I didnt know what to expect; Id never seen a broadway play before. Before we got to the theater, though, we went to a nearby mall, the oh so famous peabody with the lil duckies! Hah, anyways, so we walking through and see two girls with exotic makeup on thier faces...Im like wtff! We go up to talk to them and find out they are part of the ensemble for the show! That was exctiting. Okay, anyways...

THE SHOW WAS AMAZING. Pretty sure my mouth was open the entire time. I sang along to every song. I laughed, cried...UGH. I think what gets me are the coustumes. They are breath taking. I want to be the cheetah SO BAD. Or the baby elephant. Actually, the giraffe is pretty beast because its on stilts. Maybe the zeebra is the best :]. IDK, I love them all lol.

Then in 8th grade, I went to NYC on a school trip and got to see it AGAIN IN AN ACTUAL BROADWAY THEATRE. It was heaven.

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  1. Omg, I sooo love Lion King. I need to see one of these Broadway performances.


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