day 21;;anything i wanna post about.

Hm. Welp, if any of you follow me on twitter or are my friend on myspace, you've probably seen how depressing my latest posts have been. Well its because I am depressed! People left and right have been txting me and leaving lil mesages seeing if Im ok. Usually I dont text or respond back....except for the ppl on twitter and to my cousin. I think alot of it is just me being ready to leave here...slick thinking about not moving back as I originally planned. We'll see where life takes me though. I just have alot going on emotionally and physically right now that I need to get smoothed out. Im suppper stressed. &&I only have 32 days left here, and the oneee person I want to see the most doesnt fuck with me no more :[. Which is pretty depressing because all I do is love him unconditionally. Always will. But I wont give up hope quite yet! Hah. The one ounce of optimism left inside me. I bet this sounds reallly emo. Oh well. This week imma just try to keep myself busy, probably stay home...minus thursday of course because I gotta go shake it for netta birthday celebration! I just need some time to work on me. So yeah, thats where I am right now. Sad huh?

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