diet! except not really.

Lately Ive noticed that my appetite has decreased quite dramatically. I just cant seem to eat as much as I used to. This is blowing my mind because I LOVE TO EAT. Its what I do! Hah. So idk where this is coming from, but maybe its a good thing. A topic that comes up with me and my mama quite often these days is the freshman 15...which I feel like I have a very high chance of gaining :P. For my height, Im like righttttt at the cutoff before becomming officially 'overweight'...according to the wii, atleast! Hah. It sucks being short [Im only 5'2, btw], because putting on extra weight is veryyyy noticable. Grr. With my meal plan, Im only eating twice a day though, which is good...but the death of me is going to be snacks! Because imma be packin them hoes!

Ok heres my point lol. Imma try..keyword try...to eat healthier, starting monday :P. Im not saying imma stop eating fast food, because im definately not...just getting smaller portions, like instead of a regular value meal, get a kids meal instead. &&Maybe not always get fries for a side, and stop drinking so much soda...which brings me to another topic-my face looks a hot ass mess right now. Idk what the hell happened, but Im broke out like a motherrrrr. I need to start taking my vitamins again also...Im so out of whack!!!

But yall pray for me...because imma miss my big ass burgers :[

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  1. Lol... "Ya'll pray for me... because I'ma miss my big ass burgers." That had to be the funniest line from this entire blog.


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