Ive been slacking.

Kinda, not really. I just feel like I have. Nothing to really say lately...even though so much has been going on!

  • Me and my sister made cookie monster cupcakes. I was inspired by a picture I saw on tumblr. Ours werent as professional looking, but them hoes were good! Im delivering some tmr to a few friends :] Here is a pic...
  • They're just yellow cake with vanilla icing. Obviously we food colored it :P. The eyes are vanilla icing and oreos, &&the cookie in his mouth is a famous amos :D. They are so cute, I didnt wanna eat it! But of course I did! Hah, fatty.
  • Tonight I went out to dinner with three of my favorite people-Alex, Jasma, &&Kandace. We had such a good time! We went out to eat at one of mah favvvvorite places, casa fiesta! Yummm. Then we went to hustler hollywood just for kicks, which is a sex shop for those who dont know. Now Im no stranger to sex, trust me hahaha, but I was in there just amazed at some of the stuff I saw. Seriously, there are a billion types of sex toys and games out there...man. If only I had the money to purchase them! Bahaha. Im done.
  • Im visiting my cripple friend Justin tmr..hopefully. &&Bringing him cupcakes :] Im such a good friend huh? Lol.
  • Im like officially done school shopping! I still could use some more clothes...but Ill try to hold out. I need to really just focus on packing now.
  • Things with me and all of my friends is finally back to normal. Thank goodness, that was draining me. &&Im super excited about my little get together weekend! :]


  1. I actually seen that picture on tumblr. Those look just as cute.. Now I'm inspired to try it. loll

  2. Those cupcakes are adorable!


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