letter to person i wish to be/someone who pesters my mind.

I wish I could be more independent. I guess Im clingy. Its crazy though, because when I become attached to something, its damn near impossible for me to let it go. &&In alot of cases, thats more harmful than helpful. Hopefully my move to dc will help me to better improve my independency :]


To the person who pesters my mind...girl, I love you so much. I dont think you quite get it though. We used to be so close growing up, even though we only saw each other a few times a year. As we've grown older we've become distant and two very different people. I like to say Im a thug, but seriously some of the shit you tell me about that you go through makes me feel like a spoiled little pansy. But the thing is, you dont have to live a life like that. Just because the people around you are involved in all that craziness doesnt mean you have to be also. Your parents love you and are worried. Im worried. You cant do it alone. I hope you reconsider what you're trying to do. WE LOVE YOU!

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