pet peeves #11.

Voicemail messages;; I already know whats coming after I write this, but what the fuck ever. I CANT STAND CHECKING MY VOICEMAIL. I hate it. Slick despise it. If you call me, and I dont answer, which is usually the case because I rarely answer my phone because I hate talking on it, dont leave me a voicemail. I will not check it until a month later, I promise. TEXT ME! If youre able to txt, &&everyone knows I have txting on my phone...as a matter of fact, who DOESNT have txting on their phone these days? Exactly. If whatever you had to say was THAT important to me, instead of leaving a voicemail, you would txt me saying some shit like 'call me back, i need to tell you abt such and such.' or 'what time were we supposed to meet?' or whatever the situation might be. Then I MIGHT call you back, but most likely Id just respond back via txt. A txt is guaranteed to be seen, while a voicemail is guaranteed to be sitting in my phone for a good month. Dont ask me why this bothers me so much because frankly I dont know either. Im just saying. Hah :P

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