I need some sunshine in my life. Like a freaking sap. So to cheer myself up, a post about the things I love about myself :] How corny right?

  • My freaking collarbone;; I was looking at a picture of me the other day and my collarbones looked amazing, Im not gonna lie. I love the fact that they're so prominent, despite my thickness :P. I get compliments on them everynow and then, &&I love it, because I know some girls would kill to have them. I love to flaunt them :]
  • My back;; Even though I have terrible posture and Im usually slumping around, when I stand up straight I love the arch in my back. Its perfect! I see people all the time who have box torsos and Im just like thank GOD I have a figure.
  • My smile;; My best feature in my opinion. I mean, who can resist a genuine smile?! I use to to my advantage allll the time. I get complimented on it just about every time I meet someone new. It just comes natural :D
  • My laugh;; I actually got a superlative for this! Hah! My laugh is very distinct and varies pretty much day to day. Even so, you cant mistake it. &&It is LOUD. You should hear my mama laugh, then it would make complete sense.
  • My piercings;; I love telling people Im pierced 10 times and seeing the look on thier faces. I personally think my left ear is very badass. Ive yet to see someone with thier snug pierced, and only a few with thier rook. By the way, pretty sure Im getting my daith done at the end of the month!!!
  • My chinky eyes;; Them hoes are tiny, but I think they are so cute! Guess thats my asian roots coming through.
  • My boobies;; Haha, cant forget the girls! Perfect size :] I use these to my advantage too...HAH, Im bullshittin.
That's all for now. I just needed a little boost of self confidence because right now its at a big fat zerooo. :]

I think I may do a vlog soon...like tonight! I gotta figure out about what though...!!

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  1. It's always good to do a little self promoting.


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