things have gotten out of hand.

The majority of my time this week was dedicated to school shopping. But uhm...things have kinda taken a turn for the worst lol.

&&This isnt even everything. There are shopping bags lying all around my house. Our kitchen table cannot be eaten on as of right now. The family room downstairs looks like a freaking storage unit. Not to mention I still have to purchase my mini fridge.

My whole family is going up to dc with me, &&we are DRIVING. Efff. Haha. 12 hours of pure bliss, right? But basically the question now is, where the hell is all of this stuff gonna fit in the car? Because they gonna have luggage too! Pretty sure we're renting a uhaul. Like, am I overpacked? Hahahah. I feel like I have sooo much shit, but its not like Im just buying stuff for fun! This is stuff I seriously need. Oh geeze.


  1. Hey, I don't blame you. You're going ALL THE WAY TO DC! I'd pack enough for my own house, too.

  2. Hahaa.. Sounds funnn actually. SHOPPINGGGG : )


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