vlog 1 !!!

Yay, first one! Hah, its super random buttt its here! I think Im gonna do these more often, when Im too lazy to type :P. Enjoy!


  1. i tried to watch it and it was like this video is private!

  2. I think it's funny how the first thing I saw when the video started was your incredibly huge and perky breastsss. Put those away. ;] Ohh, and storage stuff is something I've been wanting to buy but just haven't got around to buying yet. I guess I don't really know what I would store. :/ Does that make sense? Ohh, and I've never been to Buffalo Wild Wings.

  3. luv it, you shoud do these more often. I watched the entire video. I had kinda figured you and 'Lokei Dreams' were friends. Hope you have fun in college, enjoy all the great adventures that come with it. Oh yeah & the hard work, Lol. God Bless :)


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