whats on my agenda...

  • On monday me and alex are going to lunch with our friend jewel, who is basically our big sister. Our families are friends, &&she and I went to all the same schools from 1st grade on up, &&she just graduated from hu in a mere three years! Basically, Im her mini-me :P. But I look up to her soooo much. She is such an inspiration. Shes hard-working, focused, dedicated, caring, smart, &&not to mention beautiful. Shes also about to be gettin that GUAP seeing that shes moving to california to work for freaking google!!! Im going to miss the poo out of her. I love herrr! So shes treating me and alex to lunch before she makes her big move! Im so excited :D
  • On tuesday me and a group of friends are going to buffalo wild wings for the last time this summer :[. Bww has been our hangout spot throughout this summer on mulitple occasions, so we figured itd be a perfect place to all get together and say our final goodbyes :[. But im excited! I can get downnnn on some wings, you betta ask somebody!
  • Sometime next week Im kidnapping my baby, bka my neice kayli starr, to take her somewhere. I need to spend time with my heart <333. So Im thinking chuckecheese as of now, but if anyone has suggestions, let me know! Shes 3 :].
  • Whenever my baby dg gets back, which seems like neverrr, we're going to see inception! I cant wait because I hear its pretty good, &&plus I miss my danny baby :].
  • Im about to make a posterboard collage. I think I mentioned this already. Ill probably start tonight because it doesnt look like Im going anywhere.
  • My last week at vandy for the summer is next friday. Pretty sure Im going to cry. Especially after the amazing day I had there today. I shall return!!!
  • Im going to start packing tonight, finally! My house will slowly return back to normal :]
  • My little get together is next weekend! So excited to spend time with my girls. I need to think about my tattoo?! Ahhh! haha.

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