Today I went with my sissy to visit my friend Justin who just had surgery on his knee. I took him cupcakes &&we basically laid in bed chillin with him for about 3 or 4 hours. Just talking, laughing, watching movies, eating, facebooking. It was just super chill. Me &&justin have never just been the best of friends, but I really do enjoy his company. &&Im going to miss him sooo much! Like, I feel so bad beacause we arent as close as Id like us to be, &&we never really hung out too much.

I say all of that to day this...Im getting slick depressed. Summer is virtually gone, &&I feel like I didnt live it to its full potential. I assumed that this summer was going to be all about partying and not coming home for days straight, but it hasnt been that &&I guess Im disappointed. Im going to miss everyone so much, &&so badly I wish I could just dedicate one day per friend to just chill for every remaining day until the 13th, but I know it isnt possible. I have so much to do in so little time.

I mean, as excited as I am about going to HU &&meeting new people &&making new friends, there is seriously nothing like one of those friends who has just been there for years and years and years. Ive known the majority of my close friends since 5th or 6th grade...thats a long ass time. We were with each other during crucial times of growth in our lives. Those middle school years of puberty &&petty drama &&figuring out who we are. Weve watched each other literally grow up and mature, &&can I can appreciate those friends on a much higher level because I realize where they came from and who they used to be. &&With the new friends Ill make at HU, I wont really have that....so thats kind of depressing.

Well all hope is not lost. I still have a little bit of time left, so Im gonna live it up! :D

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  1. Kenya27.7.10

    sandi this just made me cry...
    ily <3


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