in advance.

I feel like Im not going to ever have time to update my blog as much as Id like to, so I would like to take the time to apologize in advance. Its just that my internet box that I gotta hook my comp up to is broken at the moment, &&the wireless connection in my dorm is that bull, so me and ashley have to share one internet connection. But I promise I will do my best!!

So just a little update...after my fam left me yesterday :[ I went to lunch with lauren and ashley...we had the little meet your pal meet and greet, which was real cool &&a good chance to meet some new people. My pal name is Josh, he does music, &&is just super chill. After that, we had the rep yo city party on the yard...mannn, the south gets no love. Well, just a little. But omg when I tell you that we shook that shit, I mean WE SHOOK THAT SHIT. The girl boy ratio here is 15:1 I think, so the dudes realllly enjoyed themselves. I aint shook my ass like that ina minute..but shit I still got it! Haha, I was so hype at the end, hair sweated back, shirt all up and shit lookin a mess, but I was having so much fun that it aint matter. I met alot of cool dudes too, &&one even walked me back to the dorm :] He's a sweetheart...but just a tad bit on the short side hahahah! So, idt this relationship is gonna progress beyond friends :P. Hes cool though! I feel like an asshole...haha, thats smithy's saying.

Okay, thats all for now :]

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  1. AHHHHH! That's my girl! :D I'm so happy you're having funn! :DDD


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