jealous? you should be.

Im not the biggest basketball fan, Im not gonna lie. When I watch it, its mainly because of the sexy men playing, but as far as favorite teams and whatnot, I dont really go that far. One player that I have heard alot about and grew to love over this past year is john wall, who played for kentucky and just got drafted to the wizards as a first round pick...hes 19 by the way, so thats a big deal. He has a little dance and everything, &&he is badddd. My oh my, is he good looking.

So the other night, we went to the club, as usual. Except this time around, a special guest appearance was to be made by none other than wale!!! If you not on wale...you loafin. He's hugeee up here, bascially a hometown hero...he lives here. HU gets visits from him semi-regularly and whatnot, but we were excited to see him perform at this event.

His performance was real good, he looked dead at me and I touched him hand :] haha. When we were ready to leave the club, we went outside to the parking lot to wait for the shuttles. All of a sudden I look up, &&none other than wale and john wall come walking toward us. Everybody was like ohhhh shit. Luckily it was only about 20 of us out there, or a fucking riot would have occured. We thought they were gonna go get in their car, but instead they came and just sat with us to chill. The fuckkkk?!? My heart was about to beat out my chest. They were just talking to us, letting us take pictures and shit...it was so chill. No bodyguards blocking or nothing. It was sooo fucking exciting. You just dont even know.

By the way, john wall looks EVEN BETTER IN PERSON. I hate that my pic is blurry, but shitttt idc!
&&This would be my picture of wale :]

I was so starstruck. I cant wait until homecoming!! Im bound to meet so many other artists!! I cant wait!


  1. Anonymous23.8.10

    FUCK YOU!!
    no but fuhreal..im jealous.


  2. OMG I'M HATING RIGHT NOW!!! you are so right...john wall is cute as hell and i LOVE WALE!!!!!! You are so lucky!

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