my journey thus far...

SOOO much has gone on this past weekend, &&I dont necessarily want to bore you guys with my rambling, so Ill try to make this short and sweet :]

We left nashville friday morning...&&let me just say that I spent the entirety of thursday packing. Like, you seriously dont realize how many things you need and use on a daily basis in life until you have to pack it. I ended up with two full suitcases, two trunks, a duffle, a hanging bag, a crate, and 3 big boxes of stuff to take with me...we had a uhaul, hah! Ok, anyways...we got on the road at about 930....made a few stops on the way for gas&&food...got into the city at about 930! It was perfect! Checked into our BOMB ass hotel suite, walked to a pizza joint to eat, stopped at cvs for some last minute stuff, &&went to bed.

Saturday morning we got up &&got out to howard at about 10...we were trying to beat the crowd, but we failed. There were sooo many people there already. All saturday morning my mama, sister, &&I ran around campus trying to get laundry cards and id cards, and room keys, as well as having to clear up some stuff with the admin. My daddy finally got someone to haul all my shit up to my room! Not too long after, ashley arrived and we met for the first time in person!! She brought her stuff in, &&we unpacked for the next hour or so. Crazily enough, we had the same color scheme of pink, black, &&zeebra! So our room looks real nice :]. Later that night we had a spirit rally, which was sooo fun. I swear campus its like a big ass party 24.7! Then we were gonna go to a house party...it got shut down...so we went to a party on the yard...soooo fun. I met alot of people, got to chill with my girls, dance, take a shot...hahah! But uhmm yea. Then we came back to the dorm to finally go to bed around 2...we were all soooo tired.

We were supposed to go to chapel this morning...overslept, hah. So I just got up and ate brunch...went to a lil q&a with the campus pals, which is basically the best student orginization ever! Im defnately gonna try to be one next year. They are the ones who put together all these events for us this week, &&all of them are never hesitant to help or answer a question being 200% real haha. Tonight we have a 'meet your pal' social event, then a 'rep yo city' party on the yard...&&a pj party after that...&&a dorm meeting somewhere inbetween all that. Im gonna need a nap!!

Right now Im just chilling with my fam...this will be the last time I see them before thanksgiving; they fly back later on tonight. Not gonna lie, Im pretty sad about it. Its definately gonna be crazy being alllll on my own. Ive already realized how hard it is to get a meal around here! Haha. I love them. So glad they have been here with me this weekend :]

That is my experience thus far :] For all of my friends who have yet to move in, trust me, being a college kid is seriously the most fun experience you will have. Im loving it sooo much. So get excited!!! :D

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  1. aaaaaaaaw man!! you sound like you've been having sooo much fun! i cant wait until i move in!! love u girl!!


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