piercing #11...soon.

All of yall are some haters! Haha, justt kidding. I wasnt thinking about getting my septum donw actually, I just wanted to see how it would look on me. I dont like it...too...something. Just doesnt fit me. But on that note, I do want to get something else pierced like asap. Everyyyone up here has hella tats and piercings...I love it! But Im not talking just regular piercings like what I have, Im talking about surface piercings out the asssss. Im so tempted to get one...where? I have no idea. Alot of girls have them on thier face...
which is cute. &&OMG I was sooo jealous of this one girl..I still am. She has her freaking back dimples pierced and it is the cutest thing I have ever seen. I wish mine were prominent enough to do that! Grrr. But the ones Im seriously considering are the vertical tragus...

or my hips, like right next to my tats...

These all seem super crazy, but I seriously am gonna get one of these two...Im leaning more toward the vertical tragus though. I just feel as if the hip ones would make life super difficult with wearing jeans and whatnot while its healing...so maybe Ill hold out on that one for now. Now I just have to find a good parlor!! Im excited, Ive been anxious to get pierced again...its been too long! Hah.

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  1. You really are obsessed with piercings, lol.


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