So as of about an hour ago, I have a roomate! Talk about a burden lifted!!

See at howard it works like this, you can request a roomate ahead of time. If you dont, then on move in day when you stand in line to get your room key, youre stuck with whoever youre next to in line. Hah! A mess, I know...thats a hbcu for ya! Anyways, I was just gonna do that, because I was having no luck on finding a roomie on facebook. I would get on hu c/o 14's lil fb group page like everyday, talking to people, saying how I didnt have a roomate yet...&&finally this girl name ashley messaged me. We start talking, blah blah.

&&Today we decided to tie the knot :] Thats gay. But you know what I mean! Im so excited...like its such a relief. I already have so many other things to worry about...&&atleast now I wont have a complete stranger sleeping in a room with me! :]

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  1. I'm mad that they actually stick you with whomever you're standing next to in line, lol. That's funny.


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