Im different guys. So when I come home, dont be alarmed. Howard...dc in general has turned me into a different person.
  • I speak with almost an entirely new vocab. Words Id never heard prior to moving here have become a part of my daily speech. So if I say something to you that sounds foreign, Ill glady explain its meaning.
  • Im really becomming thick. Likeee...really. Hah! I aint fat, dont get me wrong, even though bb called me husky :[ but on some real shit my ass has got to be...imma say 44 inches aroudn now. I seriously cannot fit half of my jeans. Its a problem..but not necesarily a bad one. Which leads me to my next change.
  • I loved to party back home...but parties here have turned me into a party animalll to say the least. I think its because when I came up here I aint know anybody, so whenever I went to parties, I could just let loose and not care because ion know these people soo fuck it! But now when me and my girls go out, we get it CRACKIN to say the least. Likeee, we are live all the time. We gets it in. Wait till I come back home and party with yall. Yall gonna be like LOOK AT THIS BITCH! haha
  • I also cuss alot more, cant you tell? So if I call you a bitch, its all out of love :]
  • Obviously, I have no hair, dont care.
  • I use alot of crazy phrases.
  • Im hip to music and dances from ALL over the world.
  • Ive met like 10 celebrities since Ive been here.
  • Im starting to dress a little differently.
  • Pretty sure Im meaner.
  • Im sooo much more in touch with my blackness. Like, I was before but even more now.
  • I have alot more guys friends...and gay ones :D
  • Im happier than Ive ever been, to say the least :]

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