just call me thickumsss.

Today I was getting ready to put on some clothes so I could go down to subway and cvs. Lately, Ive been hella stressed, so I usually just go to class in sweats or some leggings and a sweatshirt, but it was super hot today, so I wanted to put on some shorts. I reached for one of my favorite pairs of shorts, some vintage levi's that I got from goodwill this past summer. Keep in mind, vintage levi's are high-waisted...so I pull them over my hips, which was a fucking struggle...and tell me why for the life of me I COULD NOT BUTTON THOSE HOES. Like...not even around the most narrow part of my waist. Ive been joking around about the freshman 15 alot lately, but this shit is real. I actually had notcied my butt and stomach pudge getting a lil larger, but I aint realize it was that serious :[ You would think with all the walking I do around this hilly ass campus and all the excercise I recieve from twerking and sweating my ass off at these parties that this wouldnt be a problem...then again, all I do is snack, snack, snack when Im in my room, and the caf food is definately not what you would call healthy. This is depressing. Im literally growing out of my pants!! Our gym actually just re-opened though, so starting sometime this week, Im going to start hitting it up. Imma also try to stop snacking as much...only when Im actually really hungry. Ughhhh!!

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