I seriously have no time to blog anymore...I mean Im allllways on tumblr, but thats because its so quick and easy and requires little work haha. So be sure to follow me there!!

But I mean soo much goes on in a day, and I have plenty to write about...I just dont have time or energy to! But uhmmm...whats been going on...

  • Love me blue crew fam...we get shit crackin!
  • Love ashley and jenna...we are the 3 muskateers. never see one without the other. things get crazy when we are together. loveee them :]
  • Im doing hella good in all of my classes.
  • Im one of the few who doesnt have a little boo thing at the moment..but I aint gonna lie, I wouldnt mind having one :P
  • I won the historian position for my floor! &&im running for historian for the entire quad as we speak!
  • I went to the zoo yesterday!!
  • Howard football team won its first game of the season yesterday!!
  • Im a faithful participant in fucked up fridays...got a lil sum sum in my fridge as we speak.
  • Im going thrifting today!!!!!
Thats all I can think of for now...to realllly know what Im getting into on a daily basis, follow me on twitter @_skeezuhhh_ :D

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