Words of Wisdom.

For the highschool seniors out there, a few tips from a college freshman that should be helpful:
  • As far as selecting the school you'd like to attend, just be sure it fits YOU. Dont go to a school for reasons like its repuation for partying or because its in an exciting city [sounds like howard, huh? haha], but instead, do your research and look for things that have to do with your academic success, since that is what college is primarily about. Does it offer the major that you'd like to pursue? If not, does it have a close alternative? Can you afford it? Which leads me to my next point...
  • College is not cheap. AT ALL. Like...no where near. Nothing is cheap. Living on your own is not the business. Right now, deadass, I have $30 to my name...thats counting whats in my bank account. So if you have a job, SAVE THAT MONEY. Save damn near all of it. Think about it, on top of tuition and other college costs, which for me totals around 18,000 per academic school year, you have to buy stuff for your dorm. Then, of course you want to spruce up for wardrobe. Then once you actually get to college, you have food costs, which are the killer for me [i just ordered take-out as im typing this], transportation costs [since freshman cant have cars in majority of colleges], partying costs, and lord knows what else. It sucks. It really does :[
  • College professors dont care if you come to class...they really dont. But dont let that hinder your success. College is all about self-motivation, so sharpen up those skills NOW so it wont be a problem later.
  • You will miss your family once you move out, trust me. Moving away for college is one of the hardest things Ive ever had to do. Think about it, once you go off to college, you slickkk officially dont live with your parents anymore...you just visit for the summer, really. Thats sad as fuck. Cherish this last year you have at home, YOU WILL MISS IT. I promise you will. Saying goodbye sucks :[
  • Stay out of trouble this year/summer...it would suck if you couldnt get into the college of your choice for a stupid mistake you made while out with your friends. Just be careful!!!
Those are the main things I can think of...hope they help someone out there! haha

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