rest in peace, peaches...

My grandma peaches passed away this morning. Right now Im kind of in that numb stage..it hasnt quite hit yet. The only time I really get upset is when Im alone and right before Im about to go to sleep.

She'd been sick for...I cant even recall how many years. At least she isnt suffering anymore.

My friends have been BEYOND amazing though. They all have been keeping me in high spirits. Especially KB. Everyone should have a friend like KB. I just cant even express how much she lifted my spirits today. I talk about her all the time, but she really is THAT amazing. My better half <3

I was planning on going home next wednesday for thanksgiving, but instead Im leaving wednesday [hopefully] to head back to nashville and then to memphis for the service on friday. Ill be home from the 17th to the 29th...crazy, huh? Im missing hella school, but it shouldnt hurt me too much. Tomorrow Ill talk to all my teachers about the situation, and hopefully we can come up with some alternatives or whatever.

Just please keep my family, especially my dad, aunt and uncles, and my papa joe in your prayers. This is the hardest for them.

Im gonna find my favorite pic of peaches and I when I get home and post it :] &&I already know what my next tat is going to be...

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