so there's this girl...

&&i think i love her.

her name is kb. she lives on my hall. &&from the moment i first met her [which i dont actually remember] i knew she was the shit. time has proven that she indeed is the shit. she is my everything.

she makes me laugh when im down.
she encourages me when i feel like a failure.

she is my mommy. my better half.

when i see her, my face lights up. hers does also. i cant pass her by without embracing her.

&&everynight before she goes to bed, she comes to find me. just to make sure she says goodnight to me. and she hugs me...sometimes tackles me. but i like it. because i like her.

she is the most interesting, cutest, smallest, abs of steel having, loving, beautiful inside and out person i know.

i love me some her.

no homo ;]
terrible pic of me, but thats my girl :]

one day i hope she reads this. but im not gonna tell her i posted it :D. element of secrecy/surprise. haha!

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