Yall wont believe what I did last night.

So yall know crybaby by now, Im sure. He's the ex that I frequently mention...worse relationship ever, hate his guts, etc. Well I went to visit him last night...

It all started with a friend request and poke from him on facebook a few weeks back. Took me by surprise, because we havent been on good terms since...I cant even remember when. After some thought, I decided to just message him and see wassup...and I was gonna be nice about it. Well, we ended up talking thru these fb messages, and everything was cool. It was as if no beef had ever been there, and we were just two old friends catching up. I surprised myself, really. Never am I being so nice to this dude who I have so much hate for...well, had. Over time the hate I had for him kinda just went away, and I just never thought about it anymore...unless one of my jerkass friends would bring it up, haha.

So these messages turn to texts...and eventually he suggests that we should chill. Hesitantly, I said yes, hoping that I wouldnt regret it. 

Last night I went out with my girls to dinner for Jenna's b-day. Afterward, I dropped Leah off, and it was only about 12.30, so I decided to head on over there. &&Surprisingly it wasnt bad! We just caught up on each others lives, told stories, talked about the past...it was good! Nothing special, so Im not gonna go into detail about the convo..but as the night went on, I noticed he kept inching closer toward me, messing with me more, I would catch him staring, he even poked my ass!!...stuff like that. In my head Im like OH GAWD, this nigga still got feelings. I made sure not to lead him on into thinking I was enjoying it, because I WASNT lmao, and just hoped hed get the message.

As he was walking me to my car to leave, he was looking all sad, walking all slow, etc. Again, I was like this nigga really still has something for me...fml. So we hug goodbye, for much longer than I wanted to, and I noticed as I pulled away he tried to turn his head to kiss me! I was like OH HELLL NAW, and quickly got into my car haha. Then he was like one more hug or whatever, so I gave him a lil one arm deal, and this nigga tried to kiss my forehead. I was like NIGGA QUIT! tooo too serious, like stop. And NEVER did he proceed to kiss my cheek -___- I gave him the meanest look I could fathom and said 'dismiss yourself.' He laughed, but I was too serious. 

That blew my mind. I knew he would try some slick shit. Pissed me off. BUT besides that, Im glad there's no more hostility between us. It was pointless and unhealthy...so its cool.

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  1. Wow, lol. I can't believe he tried to pull some shit.


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