in case you never guessed...

the new mystery piercings were my nipples! :P

So for a while now, I'd been wanting them done. They had grown on me so much, and I was super anxious for something new. I spent a long time looking up youtube videos and reading up on them, and it freaked me outtt. Everybody talked about how bad they hurt and how sore they become afterward.

Anyway, a few of my friends had been dying to make a trip to the tattoo parlor, and we finally found a reasonable one within walking distance of our campus. Two of my friends were planning on getting ink, and I wasnt even going to mention anything about my nipples until another one of my floormates paige expressed how she wanted hers done too! I made a deal to her that ill get mine done if she does, as long as she goes first.

Long story short, she got hers done, and so did I!! The piercing was literally almost painless; it was just as if someone pinched your nipple real quick. I laughed through the whole thing,  and everyone in the shop thought that was the craziest thing ever. They were only sore for that night, but by the next morning I couldnt even tell that I had them, unless someone bumped into them, and at this point I actually forget they they are there sometimes.

This is def my favorite piercing. Sexy Secret!! Haha! But really, it is SO cute, and Ive been flashing everyone these days. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to go out on a limb and get something pierced in a place where almost no one would ever know about. I wish I could take a picture, butttt ya know. Lmao :P

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  1. My friend, Alyssa, got her nipples pierced when she turned 18 back in '09. She loves them, lol.


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