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I apologize for the lack of blogging these past few months. School took over my life!! Especially these last two months, with me trying to get my life together for finals. I'm going to actually try to start posting a lot more often though; I slick miss this blog.

Anyway, speaking on the subject of school, I had a great first semester of college! I go to Howard University, for those who may not know, so needless to say, I've been shaking it!! I had soo much fun and met so many great new friends this semester! We partied just about every weekend, but somehow always managed to keep up with our school work. Thats one thing I love about our school. We party HARD, but our grades still reflect our intelligence. It took alot of all-nighters [and by all nighters, I mean literally staying up all night and day with NO sleep] and group study sessions, but we did it!! I'm happy to say that my GPA this semester was a gorgeous 3.57 :D !!!

I'm super excited about the classes I'm taking next semester. My schedule is kinda rediculous, but I think I can pull it off...shit, imma have to! Aint no choice! I have a scholarship to maintain! Hopefully everyone else did well in school this semester as well, high school or college or whatever you do lol.

I wish I had pictures to post, but I really dont. I haven't been taking many this semester for whatever reason, but imma try to change that this upcoming year. I really want a new camera though, so I guess that's why Ive been holding out...hah. That's dumb. Whatever.

Anyway doe [katt stacks voice], here is my update so kenya can stop complaining to me. &&I promise to try to do better :D

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  1. COME BACK AND STAY!!! Good job with that GPA you better get itttttt.


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