Ok so the plan was to post up the video of this particular episode of the nanny so yall could see where I got my outfit inspiration from, but whoever posted it on youtube diabled embedding :[

So all I have to offer is this low-quality screen shot, haha, and the link to the actual video:

[grandma yetta is on the left, for you non-nanny viewers]

This is one of my all time favorite shows! I watch it every night whenever I'm home, and I hate that I dont have a tv up here to watch it :[ Anywho, lately as Ive been watching it, Ive been paying alot more attention to the outfits Fran and the other characters wore on the show. A lot of them are outrageous, but some of them are extremely cute! I remember watching this particular episode late one night over christmas break, and I saw yetta and thought, "that is a bomb ass outfit!". At the time I had everything but the black and white stripped bottoms, which I just bought up here a few days ago! :D &&Thus, my outfit came together like this...

I'll take better pictures later on tonight :]

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