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Lately, ive been having a real tough time sleeping, so I usually just stay up and think about my life...what it's been, what it is, and what i want it to become. Anywho, last night I was up thinking about school...

I cant believe Im about to start my second semester as a freshman in college! That still is unreal to me. First semester went by sooo quickly. Then I was thinking about how much more mature I feel...then I was like...yo, Ive only been out of high school for like not even a year yet! Then I was thinking..man, I can remember senior year like yesterday...&&suddenly a list of tips I would give myself popped into my head.

Soo here we go---some advice for second semester seniors. Things I wish Id known this time last year that would probably have made my transition into college a little bit more smooth. I think Ive done this before but uhm...oh well :]

  • spend as much time with your friends as possible. once yall graduate and go off to school, you will rarely have time to speak to each other, let alone see each other. even if the two of yall go to the same school, new friends will be made, and schedules become full faster than ever. so take tons of pictures and cherish these last few moths together, because they will go by FAST.
  • if you have a job, start saving. seriously, start a bank account that you plan not to touch until you actually get to school. going to college, unless you have suppper generous parents, is basically a huge taste of what its like to live on your own, especially if youre going to school out of state. youre gonna need that money for parties, shopping, transportation, and food/groceries once that caf food becomes unbearable. being broke in college is NOT the move, i promise.
  • dont let your grades slip! keep them up! i know exactly what its like to have senioritis, its a real disease that never fully goes away until graduation, but in order to succeed you haaavvvee to learn to overcome it. so do that shit! itll pay off in the end, i promise.
those are the three most important things that i could think of, because i miss my friends terrible, im always broke, and i wish i would have done better my second semester of senior year.

did i mention i made deans list this semester though? #bow.

well anyways, i hope this helps someone out there...whoever may be reading :]

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