I feel a lot better now than I did about a week ago. Though stressful, it has been a GREAT week. I've been waking up feeling great and getting to all (but one) of my classes.

I'm snacking less and less each day, even though yesterday I pigged out :[ &&I'm trying to eat in the caf as much as possible. Since the food isnt that great anyway, I eat less and it saves me money so I wont call up dandy's or manny&olga's. When I went grocery shopping the other day, I ate before I went so I wouldnt be tempted to buy things simply because I was hungry/craving it at the time. I got more fruit, less junk [I have to have my easy mac :P], and two cases of water and some juice-no soda! I'm not cutting it out all together, at least not all at once, but definitely cutting down as of now. I found this great workout on some blog that I can hopefully start next week, I just need to find the time and someone to do it with! &&Then hopefully I can see some changes begin to occur.

I go home in two weeks!! I think thats part of why Ive been in such a good mood lately. I miss my family sooo much, and there are so many people I need/want to see back home!

So basically, life is good! :D

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