Ive been feeling really blah. About everything.

School, at this point, just pisses me off. I hate it. It makes me upset. I dont like any of my classes but one this semester. Im tiredddd all the time no matter how much sleep I get. Its driving me crazy. I LIVE for the weekends.

&&Then I dont like the way Ive been looking lately. My face is never clear, no matter what kind of cleaning regimen I use. Im getting fat, and I hate the way clothes have been looking on me lately.

Then Im lonely as fuck. Not that I want a relationship or anything, because I DONT, but it would be nice if every guy I start talking to wouldnt just up and lose interest in me after a week.

I dont know. I just wanna go home.


  1. girl don't worry.. trust me I am going thur the same thing.. most of the things you lost I am feeling it too..! when it comes to the guy part.. i cant even find one that keep me interested in the one week but I really want a boyfriend even though i don't have the time..!

  2. I love you and you're beautiful! If you do don't like the way you look, do something about it! And guys are jerks. Everything happens for a reason; maybe that's not what u should be focused on. If you don't focus on it so much, it may not seem as bad. Instead focus on school, your girls and [if you wish] your figure.

    Regardless, I love you and I hope things get better ASAP.


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