up all night...

I basically never sleep. Last night was no exception. Me and ashley were up, when some dumb broad decides to pull the fire alarm at 4am for reasons unknown to me. We were hella salty. And had to stand outside in the cold for about 40 mins while we waited for the fire dept -___-

Anywaydoe, before the madness occured, I was bored and taking pictures on my webcam...

That last one was a real life laugh, by the way. I had pressed the button and ashley said something off the wall, as usual, lmao.

&&here I am now, as in I just took these pictures like two minutes ago. Jenna and I are attempting to study for our test tmr =/

You can see I finally put my snug earring back in. I had taken it out because I lost the ball, and I didnt have anything in it for about 2 months. Needless to say when I tried and put another barbell in today, it wasnt going. I had to re-pierce it myself. It was nasty, but it really didnt hurt too bad. Now I just need another earring for my rook, which I know isnt closed.

Speaking of piercings, my next one, if I decide to get another one, will be a tongue web [google it] !!! But as of now, Im satisfied with the 14 piercings I currently have :]

This was random, and really Im just stalling, so imma go now. Toodles :] lmao


  1. i hated that when I was living in the dorm dumb shit happen like all the time.. most of the time i would just sleep thur it lol..

  2. I just Googled the tongue web... That shit looks like it's gonna hurt.


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