new favorite blog.

Blogs like this inspire me to stay on blogspot.


There are plenty of plus-sized bloggers out there that i've found, but honestly, and no shade intended, most of those girls are a lot bigger than me, and thus shop at places i never would [or hope to, for that matter]. I mean i do consider myself plus sized, mainly because of my gut :P and this girl is like my exact same shape. I ran across one of her pics on tumblr, and it linked back to her blog...i literally had to tear myself away from it! I could stay on it alll night long. I love the looks she puts together, and I already own a lot of pieces, or similar pieces, to those in her wardrobe. Im definitely going to try some out soon :]

Go check her out!! Even for you skinnies out there, her outfits are just...so cute. Omg. Im in love <333


  1. ohhh yahh i love this gal too! and shes soo sweet! girl, work it.. i cant wait to see what you come out with!! (outfits)

    muah! i hope your weekend is going well!


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