what im loving in my closet...

Denim;; demin everythinggg! shirts, vests, and of course jeans. lately ive been trying to buy jeans with cool washes and higher-waisted fits. i went to the thrift store the other day and bought two pairs of levi's (my fav); one is a light wash, and the other is a meduim-darkish one. im going to bleach the ligher pair and cut them up, and im going to make the other pair into shorts...i think. i might change my mind. i also have these pants which i loveee that are pin striped and kinda faded...and theyre baggy! until i take full control of my weight, im refusing to wear tight jeans-- only leggings and baggy/boyfriend fits. or harem pants, which im wearing today :]
My moccasins;; everyone should own a pair of moccasins!! whether they be the classic type or boot type, they seriously are the best shoes ever. sooo comfy, and they go with just about anything because of the neutral color. i wear these bad boys allll the time. love, love, love.

My bag;; the one i have on is from target. I love it for soo many reasons. firstly, the adjustable strap. i usually wear it as a cross-body, but every now and then ill shorten it and just wear it under my arm. then, its big enough to double as a backpack. and the color goes with everyyyything. i got three more similar to it when i went to the thrift store the other day-all neutral colors :]

Vintage and feather jewelry;; big stones, porcelain, pearls, gold...the bigger the better. and broaches and pendants!! ahh yess. i got a handful when i went thrifting. and feathers just make me happy.

Lace tights and shorts;; as you can clearly see in my previous post. :]

Combat boots;; because they honestly go with EVERYTHING.

Aztec and native american prints;; because sometimes i like to pretend im a navajo indian. also evident in my previous post. i always make sure to wear moccasins whenever i have on that type of print :P

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