summer '11

What I'll be doing...

  • summer school; im trying to be done with school asap. im already in a 5 year program, but hopefully ill be able to shorten that 5 years by at least one semester if i take classes each summer...thats the plan, anyway. this summer ill probably only take 2 classes, but every little bit counts.
  • working out; i have GOT to lose this gut and this little double chin ive acquired. it is NOT cute. so imma try to be pretty consistent with hot yoga and working out in a community center not too far from my house. and overall im just gonna eat less...not on any anorexia type shit though.
  • volunteering; of course ill be back at vandy children's working with the little ones, but i also have a few other opportunites around nashville that im hoping to get as well.
  • working; so i assume its because of my record, but none of the little food places i applied to ever got back to me...and thats fine. but i do have a possible job at a summer enrichment program, but i doubt i get it either. honestly, i doubt ill have time to work anyway...at this point i dont think ill ever get a job. that damn misdemeanor...
  • roadtrips; im going to miss my f3 girls SOOO much, and i plan on visiting as many of them as my budget and time allows me to this summer!! i cant wait to visit their hometowns :]
&&that's about it...i mean its a lot, but not really. I just wanna always have something to do. No wasted time/days.

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