Day 6

Mainstream Music:

I meann...I listen to it. But for a lot of artists, I feel like their underground/mixtape work is significantly better than what they put out as mainstream. Prime examples would be drake and wiz. I'd much rather listen to their mixtapes than the popular singles they put out on the radio. For music to be widely accepted and bought by the masses, artists have to change up their style and lyrics quite a bit...otherwise it won't sell. Nicki minaj might be the ultimate example. You listen to one of her first mixtapes and compare it to pink friday and its like night and day. The people as a whole didnt like the old, raw nicki--they like who she is now with her outrageous outfits, catchy punchlines, and multiple personalities [dont get me wrong, i LOVE nicki...both nickis]. What she's doing now is different and people like it...white and black. Its what sells. So its what she's sticking to it...and who can blame her? She's making her money!! Cant knock the hustle. So basically for me it depends on the artist...some I like, some I prefer as their raw selves.

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