Day 7, 8, 9..

5 Pet Peeves:

  • overly-childish people; like its cool to joke around sometimes, but then chill. because i have a very short temper.
  • people hovering over me; just dont. get out of my personal space. unless i invite you, of course.
  • uncleanliness; there is nothing worse than a dirty person.
  • ignorance; self-explanatory.
  • thirsty dudes and girls; that is not cute.
What I ate today:

Hah, its funny that you ask that. Well I'm currently in the process of moving out of my dorm room...I leave thursday. So I had to unplug my microfridge bout halfway through the day on tuesday so I can let it defrost. Before that, I ate some pizza rolls with ranch and two pieces of leftover fried chicken. I drank the rest of my orange peach mango juice, and later finished half a bottle of frozen water. I later happened to find some ritz crackers under my bed, and proceeded to eat those with the only other food item I had left to my name, which was a jar of peanut butter. How pitiful hahaha. BUT my dad comes today, and he can feed me :)

How important is education:

Honestly, education is everything. Your education will define your life, in most cases. Some people have very successful lives who didnt go to college, but everyone just isnt that lucky. The people who did make it big in live sans college are usually born into families with old money or are naturally extremely talented at what they do. Well thats just my opinion. But then again, college isnt for everyone, nor is it necessary for every occupation. I guess it just depends on what you want to do with your life. But whatever, whats really important is educating the children. EVERYONE should graduate high school. That right there is an important issue, because so many kids dont for so many reasons. Hopefully when I become a teacher, I'll be able to inspire my students in ways that will encourage them to stay in school.

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