my apologies...

I have been SO busy...wait. Why am I apologizing? Who reads this..? Haha, anyways....

um. yea. school started last week, and i also finally got a job!! hallelujah!! so basically whenever i'm not at school, i'm at work...or vandy...or room in the inn...or zumba. and thats probably how it'll be for the remainder of the summer, which is fine. i'd rather be hella busy than sitting at home being unproductive.

i was really feeling my outfit today, even though i personally looked like poo...here it is:

those shorts are my latest purchase [from goodwill, of course], and i am sooo in love with the color. but they are huge! like, the pant leg is soo freaking wide. its basically a skirt. but that makes them extremely comfortable! and i put the outfit together before i realized i had earrings that matched perfectly. i got a lot of compliments today at work...but the closed minded nashvillians at school [im at a community college for the summer] were looking at me like wth?! they just dont quite get it...haha.


  1. I love the pannnts. Congrads on the jobbb.

  2. Congrats on the job. And girl, I still read... Lol.


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