why is this still here?

So...uh hello. I'm back.

I feel like I always talk to myself in my head...so I figure maybe I can actually use this blog again...maybe.

No promises.

So um a quick recap since summer....

I'm back at Howard for my sophomore year! Super excited about everything it has to offer. I'm doing an internship at an afterschool program at a middle school, and I'm also a part of the student council. All that plus classes and all the other clubs and orgs I'm trying to join=a very busy Sandi...but I love it that way.

I just got over a pretty bad case of bronchitis...I had it for almost 3 weeks before I finally went to go get treated. But I'm better now :)

My fro is getting bigger :D loving my natural hair, and everyone else does too! I will be getting my yarn braids back within the next month though.

Something from my past recently has come back to haunt me...but hopefully it all works out in the end. If not it may affect my studies...so I'm praying on it!

Homecoming is coming up! Everyone knows how HU homecomings are...epic. Pretty disappointed about this year's line up though...

I'm going to my DREAM concert in November...watch the throne :D :D :D

...I think thats about it. I'll try to post as often as I can.

Pictures of me lately...

Oh yea, I got my tounge web pierced too...lmao

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