21 questions

So i'm at the hair salon sitting under this HOT dryer...and i've come to realize that it is here where i always seem to really analyze what all is going on in my life. but today i have just been asking myself millions of questions...21 to be exact :P

1. does anyone else think alexander is the cutest wild thing?
2. can all newborn babies look like jhud's...please?
3. why doesnt tsu get thier crap together? good lord...
4. who wants to be my barney? :]
5. could 1.23.10 or 5.26.10 come any slower?
6. speaking og 18th birthdays, what am i gonna do for mine?
7. &&where should i get my tattoo?
9. who besides me has heard of the singing group ahmir?
10. am i secretly obsessed with that boy?
11. will i really be able to get that job at the funeral home?
12. can i please work as princess tiana at disney world when grow up?
13. how you dooahhh?
14. wendy's please?
15. will mrs. cathy come to recital?
16. is this 5 hour beauty and the beast practice tmr gonna be great or miserable?
17. can you feel a [brah-nuu] day?
18. god, please send me a boy who can sing?
19. when am i gonna give bestieee his hat back?
20. where did fall break go?
21. marry me, taylor?

(im gonna start dedicating friday posts to my loves. but that shall happen later on today)

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