Pow, one to the head;;now you know he [dead]

--> Free Wayne <--

...&&now im about to be a hypocrite, something i find myself being quite often...

So me, netta, kenya, dorian, b. city, and soncya went out last night looking for a party...

First we hit up the one B.B. told us about at the maxwell house (that he didnt even go to!). To make a long story short, someone got ganged &&it got shut down.

We then decide to hit up the party on lischey...two words: bad. idea.

Well we get in there (for free, might i add :P) &&the party was pretty hype! So we're in there having a good time dancing and whatnot;; it was a straight party i must say. Only one lil fight that got resolved real quick &&no one got injured too bad...i think. Then 11 o'clock rolls around (actually 10:56) &&the DJ announces that he's about to play the last song. Me and netta look at each other like "WTH?!" because we aint been to a party that end at 11 in a minute! Anyways, the last song plays, the lights come on, &&people start heading out. Me and the girls just kinda hang around, about to figure out where we going next, not in any big hurry to leave...

Then all of a sudden a group of girls come back in. (my thoughts -->"Ok, i guess it's too cold outside")
Then one girl comes back in screaming about something and pointing outside. ("What the hell is the saying?")
Then a whole group of guys and gals come running back in ("Somebody about to start shooting...")

In that split second that i realized a shooting was about to occur, i hear the first gunshot...then the second. third. fourth. fifth. etc. (i dont know how many there were). All the while im running with netta to the safest place to go at that particular moment- the ground. So we're on the floor holding on to each other...and we see a guy come back inside...WITH A GUN. He grabs something out of his coat pocket that had somehow stayed inside, &&runs back out the door shooting. Again.

Now let me tell you...when i was on the ground looking at that dude with that gun in his hand, i decided that i was probably gonna get shot that night. No lie. I was scared for my life. Shaking, heart beating fast, the works. &&It didnt help that me and netta had NO IDEA where any of our friends were.

So after hiding out in the bathroom for a while, things calm down enough to where we can run outside to the car. Then after we FINALLY found b. city (lol) we dipped.

&&Went to IHOP :P

&&Decided that we shall never again attend a party on lischey. Ever.

But the wierd thing is, i've been to plenty of parties that end like this...i don't really know why this one shook me up so bad? Like i legit thought those dudes were gonna run back in that building and start shooting...&&that i was gonna get hit. Those gunshots just sounded so close...&&there was really nowhere to go. Man....but i dont think anyone actually got hurt, which is good.

But i will never understand the type of people who come to parties with the intent of fighting or shooting someone. If thats what you wanna do, do it on your own time please? Because the majority of people at a party are there to SHAKE IT...not dodge bullets. Real talk...lol.

So there ya go. I just criticized teen gun violence...but advocated lil wayne's freedom :P

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