love, live life, proceed, progress.

Today was such a good day. Really. This whole week has been good actually. I just feel so...good!

My grades for the 9 weeks look great,
The hard part of this college process is almost halfway over,
Beauty and the Beast...i lovelovelovelovelove to infinity,
Legacy gets better every week,
I have the BESTEST friends and the BESTEST times with them,
I'm about to shake this weekend too damn hard,
I heart my cotillion girls&&guys,
I'm seriously just in love with my life right now...

&&Here's some inspiration to come to Beauty and the Beast if you're still doubting whether or not to:

you get to see me in a full body wolf costume in some scenes...&&half-naked in others.

haha, im kidding. don't come because of that [even though both are true]. come because this is gonna be a great show. &&we have all worked SO HARD. &&the talent in the show is...out of this world.

so come. please?

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