BET Hip-Hop Awards 09

1. The New Boyz looked so cute tonight. I heart those guys mucho :]

2. Gucci's statement about his sobriety...good for him! Not being sarcastic either, haha.

3. I never thought i'd say this...but oh my goodness. Soulja Boy was lookin REAL good tonight. &&He's getting old too! 19!

4. Welcome back Scrappy...let's hope he sticks around! I used to get SUPA hype off his songs back in the day.

5. I have come to the conlcusion [a long time ago, actually] that Chris Bridges is the FINEST man alive. I just wanna eat him up :P

6. I'm so glad they gave Missy her due props;;the girl is a genius!

7. Snoops hair was very pretty tonight :P &&Speaking of hair...uhm Jim Jones? Lose the braids. Please.

But overall, I wasn't really that impressed with the show...just didn't really do it for me!

On another note...

i'm super excited about halloween. it's kinda rediculous actually.

but i'm MORE excited about our Beauty & The Beast show.
We got some of our costumes today, and that really just set it off for me. seriously guys, the show is going to be A-MA-ZING &&i hope that you can come. yes, i know, its TSU homecoming weekend, but that doesn't mean you can't come Thursday or Friday! please come. you won't be dissapointed, i promise :D

you can't tell me he's not sexy...mhmm.

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