I was planning on commenting on all of my favorite performaces of the night...but after seeing Adam Lambert's performance, I just dont find it necessary. But I will comment on the following before I get to Adam:

  • Janet Jackson;; Woot, Woot! Great opening performance. She'll always be amazing to me!
  • Taylor Swift;; Wow. That's all I really have to say. I've always been a Tay-Tay fan, &&I'm sooo happy for all of her wins tonight. I think she definately deserves them.
  • Rihanna;; So happy to see her perform tonight. She looked AMAZING as usual. Loved her hair and bodysuit!! She's just very very pleasing to the eye. No homo.
  • Lady Gaga;; She never ceases to amaze. Great performance, super exciting and weird [how I like them].
  • Alicia Keys;; Uhm yea. She's beautiful. Bottom line.
  • Drake;; Yay! He's no longer cripple! I was happy to see his face tonight, even if it was only for a second or two.
  • Michael Jackson;; I love you. I miss you. Congrats on breaking the record tonight. <33
  • Whitney Houston;; Such an inspiration. I love her!! Happy to see her back on her feet &&doing her thing!
&&Now Mr. Lambert.

Let it be known that I have been an Adam fan since I first saw his audition for American Idol last season. &&Since then I have been following him &&rooting him on, even when he didnt win AI. I've been waiting for his debut cd [which comes out tomorrow] for forever it seems, &&was extremely thrilled to learn he was performing at the AMA's tonight.

&&He did not disappoint.

One thing that drew me to Adam from the start, besides his amazingly powerful voice, was his GORGEOUS face and his style. Tonight while in the audience, he looked like such a DIVA! I loved it! &&His performance outfit was amazing as well! &&For some reason, I love the fact that he is gay. It just makes him more interesting. &&His performance tonight definately let it be known that he is veryyy open about his sexual orientation. But I love it. My mouth was literally open the entire time...I just couldnt look away. I acually watched it twice, thanks to my DVR.

I'm in love with this guy.

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