girl truths #1

So im in the AKA cotillion this year, and last week we had a mother-daughter luncheon. At the luncheon each girl recieved a book called Girl Truths by Andrea Casey.

I'm thinking, oh man here's another one of those corny books that i'm not going to read...but then i opened it, &&i love it! it's simply a book filled with great, inspirational sayings. ok, some are kinda corny, but overall i like the majority of them...and there are 6789346378 :P

so here's one i found fit for today!

Seek out people with talents different from yours;;Venture into an area different from your own talents.

Maybe you are really artsy, but your best friend is into sports. Sharing interests may expose you both to things you love and wouldn't  have explored on your own...

Or find people whose talents compliment yours.

If you are an incredible lead singer, you'll never put together a great band by just looking for other singers; You need people who can play the bass, the guitar, the drums, and sing backup.

If you are a great artist, find someone who is an incredible author and put together a book!

There is no competition when everybody has thier own area of expertise.

You will all improve when you work together!

That's exactly what Beauty and the Beast has done for me. It has opened me up more to acting, which is something i really wanted to improve on, &&has helped me become even better at muscial theater. All the people in the cast are soooo talented, &&i have enjoyed working with them so much. When we come together, the show that we put on is nothing less than incredible;;we're a group of singers, dancers, and actors who love what we do.

This has been the greatest experience of my life :]

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