As this weekend comes to an end, so does a huge part in my life. I feel like i just had a baby or something;;like something that was apart of me for so long [since may, actually] is suddenly gone. All the while, it seemed like the day would never come, &&when it finally did, it seemed as if someone pushed the fast forward button. Everytime i heard the overture from behind that curtain, i would stand there with my eyes closed &&ask myself, "why does it feel like i was just here 10 minutes ago?" Each time we finished a musical number, i would say to myself, "only __ more times to go!" I tried my hardest to cherish each moment of those last three days as best i could, but everything was moving so fast...

Then closing night came. As we gathered in Forbis's room for that last time, i remember looking around at my fellow castmates and thinking, "this is really it. last time. no more." It made me sooo immensely sad. My eyes started welling up with tears along with the other seniors around me. As Mr. Bruce read the letter written to us by Mary-Claire in which she expressed how much she missed HFA theater, i layed my head on Cooper's shoulder, &&Michael discretely interlocked pinky fingers with me. The emotion in the room was...indescribable. We seniors knew that this was our last time to perform a musical together;;for some [like me, jordan, randy, &&jesse] it would be our first and last. I still regret that i didnt get into the theater and vocal music departments earlier in my highschool career, but words cannot express how glad and thankful i am to have been a part of them this year.

I have met so many new people, &&grown closer to others. Since august, we have spent almost every weekday together after school practicing &&singing together. There were many good days &&some bad, but we got through them together. We've given up our lunches to rehearse &&songs from the musical could probably be heard throughout the halls on a daily basis. We have all seem each other damn near naked &&have assisted in undressing and dressing one another many times. We've celebrated together when things went great, &&comforted each other when voices cracked, lines were missed, or dance steped fumbled.

Basically, we have been like a huge family. With Brucie, Forbsss, BOB, &&Ms. Kleinfelter as our parental units :]

&&i would just like to say thank you to everyone for making this musical what it was. From the leads, to the ensemble, to the tech crew, to the orchestra...had we not worked together, none of it could have been possible.

im sad that it's over...but im even more glad that i was a part of it. &&if asked to do it all again, i would in a heartbeat.

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