First off, congrats to Beyonce with her TEN Grammy nominations! She deserves them; she's had a great year in music. I loveeeee her!

Secondly, I'm sick. &&I HATE being sick. I stay sick actually during this time of year. I just can't stand the cold. I sound like a man...&&can't breathe out of my nose. I need a remedy asap!!

But thirdly, what was really on my mind...college. Today at lunch we talked about college and just the future in general..where people where planning to go, &&what they were planning to do with thier lives...10 year reunions, all that jazz. I say it all the time, how I dont want highschool to be over quite yet because of how much I'm going to miss everybody...but I never really think about it. Today at the rec, I did. &&I got so upset...in my head, that is. I just hate it! Part of me is more than ready, but there's always that part of me that wants to break down when I think about graduating. Ugh. This is crazy!!!

On a lighter note...

Happy 18th birthday to my favorite cousin Andrea. I love her to DEATH.

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