this is bad, real bad- michael jackson.

I feel really...off. Lately my life has been great! Everything has been just dandy. This past week kinda screwed things up for me though. More than I realized initially. Like I'm happy...but when I get alone I feel REALLY lonely. Driving home today was border line torture. I just really wanted someone to talk to, but obviously no one was there. Ugh. I'm super stressed about exams; I have no idea why. I'm pissed that I'm having to take the majority of them due to my suck-ass grades I got this nine weeks. Wtf. That wasn't supposed to happen. I'm confined for lunch for the rest of the year. FML. I am, once again, one tardy away from detention. I hate it all.

Words cannot describe how ready I am for the new year. I just want to start over. Do it right this time.

Things I am excited for:

  • HFA Winter Choral Concert [It's going to be amazing. Please don't just settle on the preview, come out to see the show in its entirety!! Thursday, December 10th, 7pm, $5]

  • Kenya's birthday festivities this weekend [They are sooo very much needed by me. I need to get away!]

  • Christmas :D

  • New Years :]

  • Being a second semester senior :P


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